Glass Balustrade

Combining the high quality materials of stainless steel and glass produces classy balustrades that are difficult to surpass. The toughened safety glass (TSG) that we supply is of the highest quality.

Stainless Steel Balustrades

Various combinations of tubing sizes (round, square, and rectangular) can be used to create a unique, high quality stainless steel balustrade. Our designs are hand made by qualified professionals.

Custom Balustrades

Architectural elements of the building need to be considered when deciding on what balustrading design would best compliment the overall appearance of the building. Why not Contact us today to find out more

Modern Structures

We have always had a passion for creative ideas. We are successful because we understand interior and exterior design and architecture, and the technical side is most important...

Why this industry?

We have developed our skills through our passion for interior and exterior designs. We enjoy what we do. Every project is a great challenge and achievement. We take pride in our workmanship and daily satisfaction...

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Our Goals

Customer Services

is to create and maintain a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor. To translate a vision of a home into an art that reflects the clients personality and lifestyle